Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Karen handel - news and photos


Best player in baseball: How about Tulo?
The most recent five-year span ranked as Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, Joe Mauer, Adrian Gonzalez and Matt Holliday. Considering Pujols is coming off the ... read more

Joe Rehab has become Joe Mauer again
Twins fans looking for a reason to feel good about 2012 should consider this: At this time last year, Joe Mauer was doing nothing but rehab on his ... read more

So, Joe, what's new?
Joe Mauer made the rounds on Thursday as a member of the Twins caravan, ... Joe Mauer looked fit and refreshed as he took part in a remote radio interview ... read more


Karen Handel
Candidate - Karen Handel
In past races, Karen Handel
She is now once again a force
candidate Karen Handel.
Karen Handel, was a former
Karen Handel, a senior executive with the Susan G. Komen Foundation has just
opponent Karen Handel,
Karen Handel is Anti-Gay
of State Karen Handel says

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