Thursday, December 15, 2011

War in iraq - pictures


CJ: Mauer's match is one made in high school
The upcoming Joe Mauer-Maddie Bisanz marriage won't be any 72-day travesty, according to a Cretin-Derham Hall classmate who graduated with them in 2001. ... read more

Joe Mauer engaged: Twins catcher proposes to Maddie Bisanz
Was your Christmas wish "I want to be engaged to Twins catcher Joe Mauer"? Well, unless your name is Maddie Bisanz, your wish probably won't come true. ... read more

Twins catcher Joe Mauer says he's healthy, will be ready for ...
MINNEAPOLIS � Joe Mauer has heard all the conspiracy theories surrounding his prolonged absences from the Minnesota Twins last season. ... read more


Iraq War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
iraq.war 300x164 Yet more
priority � the war on Iraq
The Iraq War and the
America's War in Iraq to End
war in Iraq these days.
Odierno Succeeds Petraeus as Iraq Commander. United States military command
Iraq War Photos
The Iraq War: Concluding or
Iraq war event in Poll

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