Friday, October 14, 2011

zuccotti park - photos


Cleanup of Zuccotti Park Is Canceled
Lucas Jackson/ReutersMembers of the Occupy Wall Street movement reacting to an announcement that a planned cleaning of Zuccotti Park had been called off. The cleanup of the Lower Manhattan park that has been occupied ... read more

Privately Owned Park, Open to the Public, May Make Its Own Rules
Zuccotti Park, the half-acre plaza in Lower Manhattan now synonymous with Occupy Wall Street, exists in a strange category of New York parkland, identified by a seeming oxymoron: a privately owned public space. Zuccotti Park has ... read more

Occupy Wall Street protests: Officials postpone clean-up of protesters' park
Deputy Mayor Cas Holloway said the private owner of Zuccotti Park, Brookfield Office Properties, decided late on Thursday to delay the cleaning, which had been slated to begin at 7 am (1100 GMT). Protesters celebrated the postponement at the publicly ... read more


Zuccotti Park near the site of
process: Zuccotti Park,
Zuccotti Park
Zuccotti Park, New York,
designers of Zuccotti Park
another park renovation.
Take a moment at Zuccotti Park
Zuccotti Park Adjacent to the
Zuccotti Park
File:WTM tony 0128.jpg

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