Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Fox Nation Invents Smear That Van Jones "Threaten[ed] Violence"
It's no surprise that Fox News isn't fan of former Obama green jobs adviser Van Jones. The network made it a full-time job to discredit Jones during and after his tenure in the White House -- to the point where Jones' lawyer sent Fox a cease-and-desist ... read more

Why #OccupyWallStreet May Be Progressive Turning Point
Last night, Van Jones said yes. "I think everybody should hold on to your seats. October is going to be the turning point when it comes to the progressive fight back," Jones said. From the Keystone XL protest led by Bill McKibben, 350 and the Tar Sands ... read more

Seth MacFarlane, Van Jones and Salman Rushdie on HBO's Real Time
Jennifer Granholm, “Family Guy” creator, crooner and Comedy Central Roast host Seth MacFarlane and novelist Salman Rushdie; journalist Dana Priest and controversial activist Van Jones are interview guests. A favorite of subscribers since his first ... read more


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