Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Best in Blogs: Steve Jobs Quotes, Final Interviews and What Bill Gates Thought
AP What did Bill Gates have to say about the passing of Steve Jobs? What did Jobs have to say to his biographer right before the end? And what are some of Jobs's best quotes? A look at some of the most interesting ... read more

13 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes
Among the ways people are commemorating Jobs' passing is posting their favorite Jobs-isms. We took to Tumblr to track down what Jobs quotes have resonated most with the tech world. Check out the gallery below to be inspired. Do you have a favorite Jobs ... read more

STEVE JOBS: His 10 Best Quotes about art and creativity
At the root of all this was Jobs's uncommon tech-world understanding of artistic elegance. For decades, his appreciation of visual brilliance radiated and resonated through his words. In tribute, to wit, here are our Top 10 Steve Jobs Quotes about Art ... read more


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