Sunday, October 9, 2011

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Jerry Brown signs Dream Act for illegal immigrants
Jerry Brown signed legislation Saturday known as the California Dream Act. But Brown ducked a costly legal battle over affirmative action by vetoing a bill that would have let California's public universities consider an applicant's race and sex in ... read more

SB 185 Vetoed: Jerry Brown Vetoes Affirmative Action-Like Bill
On Saturday, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 185, an affirmative action-like bill that would have allowed public universities to consider factors including race, gender and ethnicity in the admissions process, according to The Daily Californian. ... read more

Jerry Brown: Let the people decide sometimes and too late
When political observers look back on Jerry Brown's second governorship, Oct. 7, 2011 will be considered a turning point — the day any pretense of reform died. Yesterday, JBro signed SB 202 — a bill weighted with bad juju. It was a cut-and-amend job, ... read more


Jerry Brown Video: I Didnt
Jerry Brown Just Says No To
Jerry Brown and Linda Ronstadt
Brown, who blurs his offices
governor was Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown Wants You -- To
Jerry Brown
Jerry Brown is doing what
Governor Brown almost sounded
Jerry Brown is Useless on

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