Monday, October 10, 2011

christopher columbus - photos


Columbus Day: What's open, what's closed, what's happening?
On Columbus Day, many Americans observe Christopher Columbus's discovery of the New World, which the explorer himself mistakenly thought was India. True, it's not the most exciting holiday on the calendar. It's not even observed in every state, ... read more

Rethinking Columbus and his day
And, of course, the version of history that I (and most every school kid) learned was a cleaned-up, Euro-centric view: good old Christopher Columbus, discovering the Americas and ... read more

Italian-American community to celebrate Christopher Columbus
In honor of Christopher Columbus, the Michigan Columbus Day committee will kick off a two-day celebration today of the man both revered for his voyages to America and criticized for his impact on native cultures. A 42-unit parade featuring a fleet of ... read more


Columbus Portrait
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus was born
Christopher Columbus Images
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus - Image 1
Christopher Columbus: Image 4
of Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus: Image 2

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