Monday, October 10, 2011

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Why was it Tim Tebow in Denver today, and not Brady Quinn?
I wonder what happened to Brady Quinn, though. Not that I'm arguing for or against Tebow, or saying that Quinn would've done better. You couldn't ask John Elway himself to get the Broncos closer then Tebow got them today. This post isn't about the ... read more

Can you blame Brady Quinn for rushing to Alicia Sacramone's bedside?
by GmenJohn88 more posts by author From bench to bedside, Brady Quinn has sure done a lot of sitting lately. On Sunday, Kyle Orton was benched in favor of Tim Tebow, who nearly engineered a comeback win over San Diego. Quinn, who seems like the ... read more

Hillis 'worries' he won't be with Browns in 2012
Act 1: Hillis and two draft picks are obtained from the Broncos for QB Brady Quinn in 2010; Hillis goes on to amass 1654 yards from scrimmage and 13 TDs as Cleveland falls in love with his production, style and rugged persona. ... read more


Smith sacks Brady Quinn in
Brady Quinn
Brady Quinn e1.jpg
Quinn made a slur at him.
Sports Beauty: Brady Quinn
Similarly, Brady Quinn
Brady Quinns sister Laura
Brady Quinn: Drafted in 2007.
Brady Quinn
Brady Quinn is a Denver Bronco

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