Thursday, October 13, 2011

blackberry outage - photos


BlackBerry outage creates ripple effect, spreads to North America
But when it encounters a problem, a large share of the 70 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide can be affected all at once. BlackBerry outages tend to occur several times a year, but they usually last for less than a day. One of the BlackBerry's ... read more

Blackberry outage spreads to U.S. and Canada
Kai Ryssdal: We're well into day three of a huge outage for the BlackBerry smartphone network. It started over in Europe, then the Middle East, Africa, India. Now it's spread over here. ... read more

BlackBerry outage update: Service limps back as customers demand compensation
It remains unclear how many of the 70 million BlackBerry subscribers have been affected by the outage, but many have vented their frustrations on Twitter. Business mogul Lord Sugar left a string of postings on the micro-blogging site, ... read more


BIS Outage
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Blackberry Outage
BlackBerry outage sends D.C.
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BlackBerry outage spreads to
BlackBerry outage totally
Blackberry Outage Affects
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BlackBerry outage spreads to

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