Monday, October 3, 2011

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'Arrested Development' Movie, and New TV Episodes, Are in the Works
Captain Ahab had Moby-Dick; Linus van Pelt had the Great Pumpkin; and, in the five years since “Arrested Development” has gone off the air, fans of that underdog Fox comedy series have spent their lives pining for a film adaptation that ... read more

'Arrested Development' Cast Does The Chicken Dance At New Yorker Festival ...
At the New Yorker Festival's "Arrested Development" reunion Sunday evening, an audience member bravely stood up and requested the cast do the chicken dance. There was a lot of nodding and cheering, followed by an expectant pause. Would they? ... read more

'Arrested Development' Returning to TV with a Movie To Follow
Ever since the cult comedy show Arrested Development went off the air in 2006, fans have been anxiously following rumors that a movie was in the works. Now it looks like things are moving forward for real. At today's New Yorker fest show creator Mitch ... read more


Arrested Development
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Arrested Development
Arrested Development
Arrested Development Movie
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An Ode to Arrested Development
UPDATED: Arrested Development
Arrested Development
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