Monday, October 3, 2011

alex honnold - photos


The ascent of Alex Honnold
Meet Alex Honnold, a legend in mountain climbing. Alex scales sheer walls of rock without ropes or harnesses. It is as dangerous a sport as there is, and the penalty for error is certain death. If scaling a 1600-foot rock face seems terrifying, ... read more

Dude: The quirky world of Alex Honnold
It is both a pun as well as the truth to call Alex Honnold a rock star. Alex climbs rock walls thousands of feet high with no ropes and no margin for error. It is hard to imagine a more dangerous sport than "free-soloing," or a more accomplished and ... read more

Daredevil scales 1600-ft. rock wall without ropes
"60 Minutes" cameras capture a feat never documented before: viewers will see Alex Honnold scale a 1600-ft. rock wall using nothing more than his hands and feet. Cameras strategically placed along a sheer rock wall in Yosemite National Park put viewers ... read more


Solo, Part I: Alex Honnold
Alex Honnold, Rookie of the
[Photo] Alex Honnold
Sacramentos Alex Honnold is
Alex Honnold under the Speed
Alex Honnold Half Dome FREE
Alex Honnold on Half Dome.
�Alex Honnold
Alex Honnold leading on El Cap
Alex Honnold Strikes Again

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