Wednesday, September 28, 2011

steve bartman - photos


A few thoughts on the Steve Bartman documentary
Would I still be giving him a good mark if I hadn't been there to actually feel Wrigley Field's mood deflate or hear the anger in the threats shouted at Steve Bartman as I tried to push closer through the crowd to report? Simply put, was someone who ... read more

Remembering The Time "Steve Bartman" Prank Called SportsCenter
After scoring what they thought was a monumentally huge get in the reclusive Bartman, who up to that point had refused to talk to the media, ESPN's producers put Patrick on the phone with him. ... read more

GEORGE CASTLE: Producer goes a long way to absolve Bartman
Judging from Gibney's play-by-play in a Wednesday teleconference, the Oscar-winning producer has come up with a narrative that once and for all absolves Steve Bartman of blame for preventing the Cubs from reaching the 2003 World Series against the New ... read more


Steve Bartman
Steve Bartman (drink!).
Haiku Friday: Steve Bartman
have been Steve Bartman.
Steve Bartman
Steve Bartman
Cubs Fan - Steve Bartman
Fan Who Pulled A Bartman
is that of Steve Bartman.
Steve Bartman and Moises Alou

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