Friday, September 30, 2011

red tide - photos


At night, a red tide glows blue along the San Diego County coast
The electric blue glow is caused by an algae bloom commonly referred to as a “red tide.” The organism, a phytoplankton called Lingulodinium polyedrum, has bloomed since late August, turning the water a brownish-red color in the daytime, according to UC ... read more

Robotic glider monitoring gulf waters for red tide
SARASOTA - We might not currently be in a red tide outbreak like we saw on the Suncoast in 2006, but scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory are on on alert. "We know there's Red Tide in high concentration offshore of Sarasota County now," says Gary ... read more

Red tide lingers, makes ocean glow
It looks like the red tide out in the ocean is sticking with us for a while. The ocean has been a funky, rusty red hue in various spots along our 42-miles of coastline, different each day but reappearing ... read more


This massive �red tide� of the
Red Tide Collections
A spectacular �red tide� bloom
Red Tide Collections
Red Tide
�Red tide� is a common name
red tide
Effects of Red Tide
Red Tide Microalgae Images
Red tides

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