Thursday, September 29, 2011

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How To Be A Gentleman
Today, Donna Bowman and Steve Heisler talk about How To Be A Gentleman. How To Be A Gentleman debuts tonight on CBS at 8:30 pm Eastern. Donna: Based on the cast list, TV aficionados should have high hopes for How To Be A Gentleman. ... read more

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Last week's two-fer season premiere was Good and Better. The first one, which resolved last season's cliffhanger of Penny and Raj sleeping together, was good. The second one, with the “thing” in the chair, was a scream. I am glad to have this back. ... read more

'Suburgatory' and 'How to be a Gentleman' are comedies that aren't created equal
'How to be a Gentleman' When: 8:30 pm Thursday, CBS. The title may be a far cry from last season's "[Bleep] My Dad Says" but so is the show. Never thought a series would make me long for the mediocre William Shatner-starring "[Bleep]," but CBS's "How ... read more


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How to Be a Gentleman
How to Be a Gentleman
In order to be a gentleman,
How to be a Gentleman |
How to be a gentleman
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$20-50, How To Be A Gentleman
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How to Be a Gentleman: A

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