Monday, September 26, 2011

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Is Facebook Charging Users or Is It Just Another Viral Hoax?
Many bogus chain messages and groups, like one group created in 2010 called "300000 MEMBERS NEEDED TO STOP FACEBOOK FROM CHARGING £/$14.99 A MONTH," have put forth the assertion that Facebook will no longer remain a free service. ... read more

Facebook charging in 2011 is rumor, but timeline a nuisance
Reports that Facebook is charging for website use is mere rumor, but timeline is real nuisance. Meanwhile changes introduced in 2011 are going to hurt the social networking site really hard The big brother is always watching you. ... read more

Man held woman captive in Jefferson Park apartment for more than 2 months ...
Camaligan beat the woman with a wooden stick and a crowbar, once striking her so hard in the back that her shoulder blade fractured, charging records state. He also forced her to cut her hands and carve an "X" into her chest with a knife, Hill said. ... read more


Facebook charging for its
Facebook Is Not Charging And
�Facebook charging� term
a proposed Facebook charge
Facebook Charging a Monthly
Facebook Charging Service
Rumors on Facebooks Charging
Facebook charging users:
Facebook Not Charging

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