Monday, September 26, 2011

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3-0 Records Bring Hope to Buffalo and Detroit
It has been 11 seasons since the Buffalo Bills or the Detroit Lions went to the NFL playoffs. That's a lot of Matt Millen drafts, botched quarterback anointings and coaching changes (11 combined) to wade through as a sort of stress ... read more

Buffalo Bills and 9 Teams Who've Shocked the NFL so Far in 2011
The Buffalo Bills have been playing the best football in the AFC—in a normal year, it would be best in the NFL, but the Packers are continuing to dominate. I'm still not a 100 percent believer in them, though I am impressed. Why am I not 100 percent? ... read more

Thoughts From NFL Week 3: Chicago Bears and beyond
1) Who would have guessed that there would be one undefeated team in the AFC after 3 weeks, and that team would be the Buffalo Bills? 2) Tom Brady throws 4 picks in that game and his QB rating is still 113.8 on the season. Video Game numbers indeed. ... read more


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Buffalo Bills
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