Saturday, September 24, 2011

amanda knox - photos


Amanda Knox prosecutors pour scorn on forensic experts
Amanda Knox speaks to her lawyer Carlo Della Vedova in court on 24 September. Photograph: Mario Laporta/AFP/Getty Images Seeking to uphold Amanda Knox's conviction for murder, prosecuters on Saturday mounted an all-out attack on the independent, ... read more

Billboard Battle, And Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox Closing Arguments: The closing arguments of the Amanda Knox appeal case began today. Knox is a former UW student convicted for the murder of her roommate in Italy in 2007. Many say she could be a free woman by early October. ... read more

Amanda Knox: Will She Go Free?
Throngs of parents cheer on two young boys fighting. But is it sport or abuse? read more


Amanda Knox and boyfriend
Defendant Amanda Knox, right,
Amanda Knox Parents
Amanda Knox Trial
Amanda Knox Might Be Guilty
Amanda Knoxs actual role
Amanda Knox Story: Is Amanda
Amanda Knox: Amanda Knox
in the Amanda Knox case
Amanda Knox (AP)

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