Monday, September 26, 2011

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ACT scores to become optional for DePaul applicants
The test-optional policy will allow applicants to choose between submitting ACT scores, and other standardized test scores, and answering a series of essay questions. According to the site, athletes, international and homeschooled students will still ... read more

ACT scores rise for Pee Dee, SC students
While scores on standardized tests like the SAT fell in South Carolina this year, scores on the ACT, another college-entrance standardized exam, have risen in the state and in the Pee Dee. The exam measures student success in English, mathematics, ... read more

ACT scores at PSU drop a bit
When it comes to ACT scores, it's easy to say what happened and what will change in the future. What's difficult is to determine what causes fluctuations. The average composite ACT score dropped close to a half-point to 20.8 for ... read more


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ACT Composite score range

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