Saturday, December 20, 2008

oxycontin - photos


Alaska Woman Bucks Trend, Sells Oxycontin Instead of Cooking Meth
No, Sherry Johnston was arrested for oxycontin. What wonderful communities our small towns are. Sherry Johnston, mother of Levi Johnston, who we are pretty ... read more

OxyContin is a New Target in the War on Drugs
David Spakowicz, appointed as director of the Wisconsin Justice Department's Narcotics Bureau, says he even will imprison people for abuse of OxyContin, ... read more

New top drug cop sounds off on Wis. problems
Like in southeastern Wisconsin, we've seen an increase in the abuse of heroin and other opiates, namely OxyContin and Vicodin. There's a continued problem ... read more


 ingesting OxyContin at a party.
An overdose of OxyContin can be
 Images Limbaugh Oxycontin
OxyContin Information
Image:OxyContin setup.jpg
OxyContin Back in Court
 painkiller OxyContin and three
sildenafil citrate generic oxycontin

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